2017 Events

Redcoats and Revlutionaries will be performing in venues across the UK in 2017, on our own and as guests of other societies. The society will be portrayng both soldiers and militia during the early parts of the revolutionary war.

Booking Us

We are a new society founded by experienced historical interpreters and re-enactors of many historical periods. We feel that this gives us a superb start, able to be at the cutting edge of research and reproduction, and able to offer competent and entertaining shows for our audience.

We also recognise that in this time of economic uncertainty many historical sites and attractions operate on a shoestring budget. For this reason we offer reasonable rates, often just covering our logistics and ongoing costs. If you’d like to find out more, please contact Clive Emerson on 07794 587881, or email clive@redsandrevs.co.uk.